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The crown has opened up the world of entertainment industry for her. She looks at scripts sent to her as “I’m also interested in producing my own films one day,” she says.
For herself, Miss India Worldwide thinks about participating in shows such as the Bachelorette. “I, sometimes think I should apply to be on such a show! I find that it’s just like the real dating world. Sometimes people will date you for all the wrong reasons. So I think it’s a good example of how tough the dating world can be and to find someone who you can really connect with. Everyone wants to find love and I think it’s sweet that people are willing to put themselves out there, in the public, for that chance at love. Maybe I’m too much of a romantic!” she tells us.

But the bikini contests are a no, no for her. Nonetheless she is impressed by girls who participate in bikini pageants. These girls “have a lot of guts! It’s tough to put yourself out there and allow yourself to be judged, especially if it’s just on your body. Sometimes those contests can be really empowering to someone, it’s like proving to yourself you can step outside your comfort zone,” Amin says.
Entertainment has an element of presenting yourself, which takes us to what fashion stands for this stunning young artist. “Fashion” she says, “means wearing something that makes you feel good and shows people a side of your personality..If I want to look all dolled up, I go for a cute, flirty dress. If I’m more laid back, I’ll go for a tank top and jeans.”
And her secret to keeping herself fit is “I watch what I eat and I try to run on the treadmill..It’s all about balance!”

With Bachelors in Business, she reflects on whether South Asian youth gains training in entertainment, saying “If a girl wants to get a degree and model, great! You should never put all your eggs in one basket. Life is so unpredictable that you should give yourself every opportunity to further your mind and knowledge. If you look at the actors in Bollywood, many of them have gone to college to earn some sort of degree even though they joined the film industry.”

While there are several pageants taking place in South Asian community, Amin has met girls who want to enter but their families are against it. “Indian pageants open more doors [for South Asian models] because you don’t have to be a model size in order to compete..people need to really understand how each pageant is different and you can’t group all of them together just like you can’t group all South Asians together because we are all different, although similar,” she tells us intelligently.

As for the South Asian community, Amin thinks “the South Asian communities are different everywhere you go. In some places, the community is really tight and supportive and in other places, you can sense the inner conflicts and competition.”
“Many South Asian youth face an identity crisis. Issues like types of clothes to wear, dating, marrying outside of your race or culture, etc [need to be addressed]. I think it’s great to have more media and movies portraying this and making it okay to talk about it. We have many Indo-Canadians in politics, arts, entertainment, sports, etc. It allows other youth to find a good role model to look up to,” she tells us about issues confronting South Asian youth.

Amin Dhillon has been a great supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society and is currently working with Folklorama to promote cultural diversity.
Belonging to e-generation, she mentions her twitter page twitter page www.twitter.com/amindhillon and her facebook page www.facebook.com/Miss.AminDhillon.

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