Minggu, 30 Januari 2011



Thai actress Warattaya Nilkuha, nickname Juy, is I think one of the most beautiful 
women  I have seen. Ididn't know who she was until I saw her in a Thai soap opera 
called Krasat Trariya in which she played the character named Suphankalaya
. She is absolutely gorgeous. So fresh and simply beautiful as well as graceful
. She has gained a bit of fame, appearing in a few movies and a number of 
magazines. She even has her own website, www.warattaya.com. 
Not a MySpace page like so many celebrities, but her own domain
 and website. However, it is the typical Thai-designed website cluttered 
with stupid animated cartoon flashy things, scrolling windows...
the usual  garbage design Thaidone by webmasters.

 Almost all the Thai websites I visit are like this,even the ones for 
 large businesses. And there isn't all that much content there either. It looks 
like a lot when you first see the home page. There's a song it plays on loading, 
and a shout board, but the links on the left don't work. has  
The only thing of interest are some pics from magazines she 
appeared in. She doesn't have a lot of internet exposure so there are 
 not a lot ofphotos of her out there. Here are a few I collected.

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